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African Photo Magazine Issue #7

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A Pan-African magazine showcasing Africa's photographers and their stories!

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[ [ [ GEAR [ GEAR Some cool accessories to take your skills to the NEXT LEVEL! WIRAL LITE EASY CABLE CAM MEVO PLUS LIVE-STREAMING CAMERA Kick your footage up a notch with the Wiral LITE Easy Cable Cam. Compatible with GoPro and other action cameras, this device gives your camera a totally steady line to follow. Hanging easily and effortlessly, your camera glides smoothly along to capture the perfect angle with minimal shake. The Wiral LITE has two modes to suit your style. In standard mode, the Wiral LITE can travel along the cable as fast as 28mph to keep up with you. In addition, the device works in time-lapse mode. With this, it can go as slow as 0.006mph to capture all the nuances of the world around you. Make your online live streams look more professional with the Mevo Plus Livestreaming Camera. This latest camera from Livestream edits video in real-time and shares it on every major social media platform. The purpose is to tell your video story in the best and quickest way possible. In fact, you can actually create a multi-camera production with a single Mevo Plus. You just need to enable the Autopilot mode and let Mevo’s advanced AI do the editing for you. NANO DSLR RIG Using your own body to steady the camera, the Nano DSLR Rig can turn your DSLR camera into the ultimate movie-making machine, as well as give you all the options you need to brace your camera for the perfect photo. The flexibility of the rig opens up a world of different possibilities on how it can be used. SAMSUNG 360 ROUND VR CAMERA Create high-quality content anywhere when you have the Samsung 360 Round VR Camera. This high-tech system is complete with a whopping 17 different lenses to capture literally everything around. The cameras are spread throughout the disc-like shape. The camera can create 3D images thanks to all the lenses working in unison. With this, you can also create content for a variety of VR headsets. With six built-in microphones and two external ports, you can also pair your content with crystal clear audio. The 360 Round is both water and dust resistant so you can take the whole system anywhere you go. GORILLAPOD The Gorillapod needs no introduction and should be in every photographer’s kit. The flexible tripod can attach itself to just about any surface, making it easy to get the exact photo that you want. And there’s a whole line of Gorillapod’s available, that can take anywhere from 325g to 5kg, so no matter what kind of camera you use, whether a small point and shoot, or a huge SLR sporting a telephoto lens. 58 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 2017 59


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