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African Photo Magazine Issue #7

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A Pan-African magazine showcasing Africa's photographers and their stories!


Photo Start is a non-profit organization developed to foster creativity and teach marketable skills to disadvantaged children in depressed areas. Photographers in the programme learn to become literate in the digital darkroom, and the underlying concepts of computing, to take, edit, produce, print, store and transmit photographs. Photo Start graduates are capable of using digital cameras, manipulating light, understand best practices regarding digital workflow, digital production, and digital asset management. Planning and patience, two prized assets of the prepared photographer, are also valued highly by businesses and hiring managers in a multitude of fields. Photo Start students also improve in self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-reliance, leadership traits that are highly translatable and extremely marketable, particularly in developing regions. It is important to amplify the voices of those we have never heard from and to this end, Photo Start provides equipment, learning space, and one on one guidance with program participants. By teaching vulnerable students photography as an art, and a business, Photo Start hopes to bring about much needed economic development as well as to introduce the world to a new generation of artists. ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 2017 29


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