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African Photo Magazine Issue #7

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A Pan-African magazine showcasing Africa's photographers and their stories!


[ 04 BAKE CONTENTS Photography Bloggers of 2017 16 Phillda Ragland-Njau 04 30 12 From first African-American female photographer for the Presbyterian Church of the United of the United States to curator of Paa ya Paa gallery 22 Spotlight on Kibera Kibera’s artists show there is more to their home than what is supposed to form the “slum menu” 36 Mekatilili Wa Menza Story of a Kenyan warrior 19 Photoshop Tutorial South Africa’s IMAGE magazine with tips to better photography [ [ 46 Instagram Kenya Spotlighting Kenya’s community of photographers 54 Photography Gear Cool accessories to take your skills to the next level 62 Lucas Maranga A man at 40 to current times, we say a big ‘hello!’ to the pre and post independent period that birthed our African photographers. Far too many young photographers today, indeed many young practitioners in various fields, have a poor grasp of the rich history behind their chosen fields and the blood, sweat and tears their fore-fathers shed to allow them to craft the present. These African greats stood up at the dawning of a new Africa; as independence movements gathered steam in the 1950s and 1960s, a new breed of photographer was about to take the stage. This publication has the very great honor of featuring some of our greats in this edition, such as Malick Sidibe of Mali, Mohamed Amin of Kenya (now deceased) and Obie Oberholzer of South Africa. We have created a “Hall of Framers” to showcase the amazing work and talent of these greats and will endeavor to feature at least one great in every issue we publish ~ they must not be forgotten! 64 Additionally, in this issue, we feature Canon sponsored workshops called Project Miraisha. Since December 2014, Canon has facilitated three workshops in Kenya, led by world renowned photojournalist and Canon Master Gary Knight. With the support of local partners, Canon is using its core imaging skills to help local people develop livelihoods in professional photography or print. The next workshops are slated for Saturday 14th - Friday 20th May, 2016 and will be co-hosted with House of Fotography, a local outfit based in Nairobi, Kenya. As we come to the close of 2017, it is only fitting that we do so with our 7th issue and with a special spotlight on Kenya and its photographers, for this magazine calls this great nation, home. Kenya has also come out of a very acrimonious election season and it is our fervent prayer that as we face the harsh realities of our political life as Kenyans, we must continue to remind ourselves of the goodness that permeates our lives every day, and much of that goodness is seen in our arts and stories as a diverse community of peoples. We open up the 7th issue saluting the 2017 nominees of the Bloggers Association of Kenya (BAKE) Photographer of the Year category, and the ultimate winner, Mutua Matheka. The effort it requires to consistently produce photographic content at a very high standard is commendable indeed and you have earned our high praise and a deserved spot on BAKE’s platform! In keeping with our practice of reaching back to our past while looking forward to our future, we are delighted to feature Phillda “nollywood” themed exhibition presented by LagosPhoto The Sony World Photography Awards will open for entries on 1st June Letter from the Editor Ragland-Njau. Phillda was the first black woman photographer Lastly, we tip off our hats to our African photographers be sent that on overseas mission came out tops in the recently concluded assignments SONY and Hamdan by the United bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Presbyterian International Church of the United Photography Award (HIPA) competitions. States, These are and the in 1969 she came to largest photography competitions in the Kenya world and and Africa never looked back. took its place amongst the very best. Kudos Phillda’s to our winners! work has been featured It is an absolute pleasure The Editor, bring this magazine publications to you and I such as TIME trust you Sharon will enjoy Mitchener as much as I do! magazine, Jet magazine and EBONY. Today, Phillda runs Paa ya Paa with her artist husband Elimo The Editor, Njau, and her contribution to the fabric of Kenya’s arts community cannot be overstated. Phillda, and her husband Elimo Njau are the giants of yesteryear and we must “Sanaa ni kioo cha jamii Art is the reflection of the community” AFRICANPHOTOMAGAZINE 2 Local Perspectives. African Insights. lovingly continue their legacy for our posterity. The Maasai, the Mara and Kibera have pretty much become synonymous with the Kenyan experience. While the Massai and the Mara receive extremely favorable coverage, Kibera is often depicted as offering a slum menu that centres on poverty, crime, tribal angst and hopelessness. However, “sanaa ni kioo cha jamii” and Kibera has a very different story to tell, if you care to listen. This publication has selected a few of the many amazing and inspiring stories being created by the very proud residents of the ‘slum’. Included in this issue is a story of a little known Kenyan warrior by the name of Mekatilili Wa Menza. This masterful depiction of hope, of uncompromising faith and of great strength was the work of Rich Allela (Kenya) and Dapel Kureng (Nigeria). These are the stories we must keep alive, for our sakes and the sake of our children. We must remember that we are a great people, with a great history and a promising future, and that we are the keepers (and destroyers) of our shared destiny. It is up to us whether we will rise up, or fall down. It is up to us, whether the battles that Mekatilili Wa Menza and her ilk fought were in vain, or award winners were worth the death they so freely 45 embraced, for Kenya to stand tall as a nation. We also celebrate Kenya’s photographers featured on Instagram under the moniker #igKenya and the work they do to keep flying the nation’s flag high. It would be remiss of us to not specifically mention the cooperation and enthusiasm we received from the team at #igKenya while compiling this piece. Also in this issue we would like to roll out the red carpet for Lucas Maranga, our new regular contributor, with his blog entitled, A Man at 40. We first met Lucas at Engage and fell in love with his wit and candor. We hope you like him as much as we do. At the close of 2016 we celebrated the 170 year anniversary of PSSA, the very first African photographic society established by our brothers in Cape Town, South Africa, back in 1846. PSSA publishes a quarterly magazine named IMAGE, which covers all aspects of the Society’s activities and photography in general. IMAGE has so very graciously come alongside us to promote our efforts and in this issue has contributed Photoshop tutorial techniques we know our readers will find most instructive and beneficial. Lastly, in this issue we share with you what we consider interesting developments in terms of gear a photographer would be interested in, and in this issue we look at some gadgets one can use to improve their photography skills. Our next issue will come out in early 2018 but in the meantime stay connected via our website, http:// and social media pages. Asante Sana, and enjoy! pu Th be 2 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 7 November 2017 3


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