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African Photo Magazine Issue #7

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A Pan-African magazine showcasing Africa's photographers and their stories!


PETER IRUNGU NOMINEE OF BAKE 2017 PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR -2 • • 1 • • • • 1 • • +2 Peter Irungu is a Photographer, Designer, cinematographer who appreciates all Art Forms. His mission is to impress upon a change in negative mentality and perception through which Africa is viewed. Through his photos he wants the world to view Africans as equals in beauty, diversity and creation in every aspect. Two of Peter’s artistic projects define him as a stand out, unique photographer. His series HUMAN vs CONCRETE is a series that projects our influences as humans onto the landscapes that define our architecture and cityscapes. The buildings are an expression of the architects vision and also influences what the eventual occupants want to identify them as and for. Nairobi Urban Rush, is a street time-lapse project. “It might seem chaotic at first but that’s all an act. A different perspective is all that it takes to unmask the poetic motion of the masses, filling up the streets on their way home.” -2 • • 1 • • • • 1 • • +2 10 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 7 NOVEMBER 2017 11


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