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African Photo Magazine Issue #6

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This is the 6th issue of the Pan-African photography magazine, African Photo Magazine and the main showcase is Ghana Photography. Additionally, we showcase African photographers and visual artists showcased by Performa, Red Hook Labs and Nataal in 2017, in New York City.

essentially able to

essentially able to shift careers and establish himself in the art world. His journey was shaky, to say the least. “My parents’ approval I suppose was the biggest thing – my dad’ s disapproval to be specific. He is a doctor and I became a doctor, so the idea of me leaving medicine was difficult for him. If someone important in your life is not confident that you are doing something right, for a moment you wonder if maybe you are wrong. But I had to dive in. I had to make a decision because I was unhappy.”But through his unwavering perseverance in his chosen field, Abi managed to shift perceptions not only within his own family but he serves as living proof of the downfall of traditional job roles in Egypt. “My father has kind of accepted the idea. When he heard about a CNN interview I did – and I know he didn’ t see it – but he heard about it, he was pleased. ”“I am still in the process of discovery, and love conceptual photography because it gives me the space to create something out of nothing. In photography actually I didn’ t plan to do colorful pictures but it all emerges from my imagination as long as I was happy so it reflected my mood. I do not have a certain deep message but what I can say is that ideas come into my mind and I tend to show them to people as concepts. They are nothing but simple pictures sending a simple message: Happiness. ”Abi has come a long way since his first ‘ yellow rubber duckie project” which we spotlight in this edition. Editorial: La Vie Boheme CairoScene 6 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 6 JUNE 2017 7


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