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African Photo Magazine Issue #6

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This is the 6th issue of the Pan-African photography magazine, African Photo Magazine and the main showcase is Ghana Photography. Additionally, we showcase African photographers and visual artists showcased by Performa, Red Hook Labs and Nataal in 2017, in New York City.


PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL 1-3 what went wrong PHOTOSHOP TUTORIALS - 1 BACK-LIGHT CONTRAST: Ad light in with curves p. 2 COLOUR BANDING: Saturate without banding p. 3 UNSHARP IMAGE: 3a - smart sharpening p. 3b - low-pass sharpening p. 3c - tips for digital salons p. The reference photo I took early in November of baobab against sun at Kubu Island, Botswana. Nikon D300S - 10-24mm Nikon lens at 14 mm - 1/125 sec - f8 - ISO 200 PSSA (Photographic Society of South Africa) is the oldest photographic society on the Continent and recognised by the South African Government through the Performing Arts Council. PSSA is consulted on all aspects affecting photography in South Africa as well as being able to negotiate protection and exemption for photographic clubs and members. 1 BACK-LIGHT CONTROL An under-exposed subject is normally the result of the camera’s built-in reflective metering system p.13-18 being 'fooled' by an overlybright background. To fix this in Photoshop, we are going to use the Curves Adjustment Layer. 1 step Open file hit ctrl - J to create new layer (this is a good practice to always have original image to go back to when doing complex manipulations). With layer active click on the Fill or Adjustment Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers palette Window - Layers select Curves from list. PSSA publishes a magazine named IMAGE, which covers all aspects of the Society’s activities and photography in general. This is a submission by IMAGE, sharing photoshop tips and techniques, with readers of our publication. 2 step a) Now only concentrate on the subject (tree) and push the Curve upwards. The Curve should not touch the top edge of the box, you can click on the Curve to create a new point to move it away from touching the top. b) Once the Curve is set click on mask in Curves 1 (indicated in red below) and start painting the background black using the Brush Tool in normal mode. Start with a 50% opacity and small brush size next to subject (tree) and increase as you move away from subject. Ignore dark spots you accidently recreated on subject. c) Fix accidental dark spots by changing to white and then paint over these dark spots. © Hein Waschefort 50 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 6 JUNE 2017 51


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