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African Photo Magazine Issue #6

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This is the 6th issue of the Pan-African photography magazine, African Photo Magazine and the main showcase is Ghana Photography. Additionally, we showcase African photographers and visual artists showcased by Performa, Red Hook Labs and Nataal in 2017, in New York City.

Morayo Atong Atem (S.

Morayo Atong Atem (S. Sudan) Atong Atem is a South Sudanese artist and her work explores postcolonial practices in the diaspora, the relationship between public and private spaces and the politics of looking and being looked at. “The first time I realised I wasn’t just black, but very black – blue-black, berry-black, midnight-black – I was on a school excursion to Canberra, Australia and someone confused me for a black marble sculpture of a dead coloniser. At first I was worried she’d had a heart attack but then my concern about looking like a dead white coloniser took over. I have learned to sit very still in public, and limit my movements to make people comfortable and unafraid, but even then the fact that I can’t count how often I’ve been confused for a sculpture, even in the middle of a supermarket, means that people aren’t expecting a thing as black as me to be real and human “ (Read more of this fascinating photography on Produced with permission: Red Hook labs, New York. Untitled Namsa Leuba (Guinea) Namsa Leuba is a Guinean photographer and her diverse photographic practice examines the representation of African identity through the Western imagination. Spanning documentary, fashion and performance, Namsa Leuba creates a visual imaginary that explores the signs and symbols of her cultural heritage, from rituals and ceremonies to statuettes and masquerades. Whether executed on location or in the constructed studio environment, Leuba’s projects combine an anthropological interest in traditional customs with an aesthetic that is informed by fashion and design sensibilities. Adopting a theatrical approach with careful attention to props, colors and gestures, Namsa Leuba questions the relationship between fact and fiction, action and representation, and the sacred and the profane. Produced with permission: Red Hook labs, New York. 22 africanphotomagazine ISSUE 6 JUNE 2017 23


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