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African Photo Magazine Issue #6

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This is the 6th issue of the Pan-African photography magazine, African Photo Magazine and the main showcase is Ghana Photography. Additionally, we showcase African photographers and visual artists showcased by Performa, Red Hook Labs and Nataal in 2017, in New York City.

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[ contents [ [ practitioners in various fields, have a poor grasp of the rich history behind their chosen fields and the blood, sweat and tears their fore-fathers shed to allow them to craft the present. These African greats stood up at the dawning of a new Africa; as independence movements gathered steam 12 in the 1950s and 1960s, a new breed of photographer was about to take the stage. This publication has the very great honor of featuring some of our greats in this edition, such as Malick Sidibe of Mali, Mohamed Amin of Kenya (now deceased) and Obie Oberholzer of South Africa. We have created a “Hall of Framers” to showcase the amazing work and talent of these greats and will endeavor to feature at least one great in every issue we publish ~ they must not be forgotten! 04 30 renowned photojournalist and Canon Master Gary Knight. With the support of local partners, Canon is using its core imaging skills to help local people develop livelihoods in professional photography or print. The next workshops are slated for Saturday 14th - Friday 20th May, 2016 and will be co-hosted with House of Fotography, a local outfit based in Nairobi, Kenya. Lastly, we tip off our hats to our African photographers that came out tops in the recently concluded SONY and Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum International Photography Award (HIPA) competitions. These are the largest photography competitions in the world and Africa took its place amongst the very best. Kudos to our winners! It is an absolute pleasure to bring this magazine to you and I The Editor, trust you will enjoy Sharon it as much Mitchener as I do! The Editor, Letter from the Editor We release the 6th issue of this publication, continuing to be absolutely thankful to God for deepening the zeal we have for crafting each issue. We are also deeply thankful for the various partners and contributors who have come on-board to walk beside us, making this a great collaborative piece that demonstrates the old adage, “alone we go faster, but together we go further”. In this issue, we salute Ghana as she celebrates her 60 years of independence from colonial rule, and for being the first country in Africa to break the heavy yoke of colonialism. We take a brief look at her very rich colourful past and celebrate her future by spotlighting Ghanaian photographers showcasing their works on GH Photography’s instagram page. It would be remiss of us to not specifically mention the cooperation and enthusiasm we received from the team at GH Photography while compiling this piece. We recognize, as well as the rest of the world, that African photographers and artists are emergent and we applaud the efforts of organizations such as Performa, Nataal and Red Hook Labs, of New York, for being on the forefront of this movement. Their shared commitment to showcasing and elevating art arising from Africa is commendable and they have our heartfelt thanks, for their work and for their support of this publication. awa winne 4 04 Yellow Rubber Duckie Project From physician to inspiring Instagram photographer 24 Photo Competitions to enter Select year-round competitions to enter 60 The DJI Spark Drone Reaching new frontiers in Drone photography It is our pleasure and honour to showcase the works of one Ahmad El Abi, an Egyptian physician turned instagrammer. The works of Ahmad are such a joy to behold and his extremely warm response to being featured in this publication encourages our Pan-African vision immensely. Additionally we welcome AFRICANPHOTOMAGAZINE Georgina Goodwin, a 2 Kenyan-based photographer Local Perspectives. whose African work Insights. has earned international recognition for highlighting social justice and human rights issues impacting the Continent. Georgina reminds us that we all have a responsibility to be our brothers’ keeper and to use our gifting’s and talents to lift one another up. We also showcase “Upcoming Photographer” Brian Otieno in this issue and his exciting work in the genre of art photography and are encouraged that the future of photography rests in capable hands. 08 In defence of our heritage 2nd installment of Arusha Cultural Heritage Centre 12 Performa November 2017 Biennial featuring African performance artists 16 Redefining Beauty World’s first albino beauty pageant in Kenya defies deadly stigma 25 Photo Galleries to visit On the trail of Africa’s hidden gems 25 Festivals to attend Showcasing photography on the Continent 26 Old is Gold Celebrating Ghana, Africa’s first country to be free from colonialism 64 Upcoming Photographer Emergent photographer, Kenyan Brian Otieno 64 In keeping with our practice of reaching back to our past while looking forward to our future, we continue our pictorial series that looks at our shared African culture, so lovingly preserved in the Arusha Cultural Hertiage Centre. This publication firmly believes our African heritage must be preserved and retold anew using our own words and our own images to restore its authenticity and dignity. At the close of 2016 we celebrated the 170 year anniversary of PSSA, the very first African photographic society established by our brothers in Cape Town, South Africa, back in 1846. PSSA publishes a quarterly magazine named IMAGE, which covers all aspects of the Society’s activities and photography in general. IMAGE has so very graciously come alongside us to promote our efforts and in this issue has contributed Photoshop tutorial techniques we know our readers will find most instructive and beneficial. 19 Rising African Photographers Red Hook labs in collaboration with Naatal features emerging stars in photography 30 Ghana Photography Spotlighting Ghana’s community of photographers Lastly, in this issue we share with you what we consider interesting developments in terms of the latest gear that has debuted, in this case the latest news on the Drone front, as well as interesting festivals and galleries to visit, books to read and competitions to enter. 24 Books to read A photographer’s must read 2 africanphotomagazine 50 Photoshop Tutorial South Africa’s IMAGE magazine with tips to better photography Our next issue will come out end of September 2017 but in the meantime stay connected via our website, and social media pages. Asante Sana, and enjoy! ISSUE 6 JUNE 2017 3


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