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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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In the last decade or so, the sleeping giant has awoken! There is a new wind sweeping the African Continent, and the world of photography is not being left behind. Our African brothers and sisters are taking the reigns over what they consider to be their voice, their face, their lives. African photographers are now behind the lens and telling their own story! This magazine seeks to capture this new voice and share it with the world! Welcome to the inaugural issue of the African Photo Magazine!

My experience working as

My experience working as an intern at the House of Fotography has been fascinating, and I am convinced it will mould me as I advance into my career in photography. The first thing I realized when I started is how little I knew about photography. It had never occurred to me that photography was such a wide field of practice. I now realize the worth of training under a professional as in time I will be able to decide for myself exactly what type of photographer I want to be. An important aspect I have come to really appreciate during my time here, is the ability to multi-task and “think on my feet.” On an active shoot set, expected brief concepts may change due to on-the-ground scenarios changing therefore needing improvisation. As I started out, I would at times find myself completely unaware of all that was happening on the set, but with time I am coming to learn how to anticipate what the head photographer needs before he asks. Additionally, I have come to know the value in asking the right questions at the appropriate time, thereby gaining insight on any issues I do not fully understand. I have learned its OK not to know much but its not OK to stay silent about it. I have learned that this internship will only have real value if I am responsible for ensuring I learn all I can from the professionals around me. My life as an intern Lastly, and this is key, punctuality, professionalism, honesty, respect and open communication are the bedrock for a successful internship experience! Find Out How To WIN THIS BAG { AND OTHER SWAG DETAILS ON PAGE 26 { AFRICANPHOTOMAGAZINE 22

CREATIVE’S CORNER VALENTINE’S DAY PRINT AD DAVID MWANGI is currently a Creative Director at Shekele Communications Limited. He has spent about fifteen years learning the ropes and building brands in the advertising industry while working with agencies like Leo Burnett (Access), Ogilvy & Mather and Young & Rubicam. --------------- CHALLENGE: Lovers all over the world and in Kenya send gifts to each other on Valentines day. Chocolate is probably one of the most preferred gifts during this period of time. We wanted lovers in Kenya to send their loved one’s Cadbury’s Chocolate despite stiff competition from other brands both local and international. EXECUTION: We wanted the visual to remind the target what the day was about and the joy Cadbury would add to the occasion. The print advert never ran. The general feeling was that this was a bit risqué and could end up sending the wrong message about the brand. Local Perspectives. African Insights.


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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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