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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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In the last decade or so, the sleeping giant has awoken! There is a new wind sweeping the African Continent, and the world of photography is not being left behind. Our African brothers and sisters are taking the reigns over what they consider to be their voice, their face, their lives. African photographers are now behind the lens and telling their own story! This magazine seeks to capture this new voice and share it with the world! Welcome to the inaugural issue of the African Photo Magazine!

STEP 09 This is the

STEP 09 This is the final unedited picture produced that we now take into photoshop to polish off. If steps 01-08 are followed diligently, post-production editing is minimal. In photoshop, all that was required to achieve the final was (i) cropping (ii) tweaking of lighting levels (iii) reduction of noise levels STEP 10 Place captions as desired. Finished! Photographer: Teddy Mitchener Photographer Assistant: Simon Rwigi VIDEO Tutorials These are the first of many FREE tutorials we will be posting online (via the magazine’s YouTube channel) primarily to educate on photography techniques and the business elements of a photography operation. These educational videos are the pre-amble to the photography school we will be starting towards the latter part of the year. Photography Business AFRICANPHOTOMAGAZINE 20

This Educational Tutorial segment is proudly sponsored by the MANDATES OF THE FUND The Fund is one of the flagship projects of the social pillar of Vision 2030 and was designed to address the challenges of youth owned enterprises • Providing loans to youth owned enterprises • Attracting and facilitating investment in infrastructure such as business or industrial parks, markets or business incubators that will be beneficial to youth enterprises • Supporting youth enterprises to develop linkages with large enterprises • Facilitating marketing of products and services of youth enterprises both in the domestic and the international markets • Providing business development services to youth enterprises • Facilitating employment of youth in the international labour market PRODUCTS • The Constituency Youth Enterprise Scheme (C-YES) - This component finances projects of registered youth groups. The maximum amount lent through this component is Kshs. 500,000 • The Easy Youth Enterprise Scheme (E-YES) - This component finances projects of individuals who belong to groups that have completed repayment of the C-YES loan to a maximum of Kshs. 100,000 • Vuka Loan - Business expansion loan for individuals, companies, groups and partnerships from Kshs. 100,000 to 2 million • The Take 254 loan - Film loan product to provide financing to youth interested in film making from Kshs. 500,000 Ksh. 25 million • LPO loans and bid bonds - Financing for 30% affirmative Access to Government Procurement Opportunities Programme (AGPO), targeting the youth, women and persons living with disability. Youth who win government tenders can access Bid Bonds and LPO financing of up to Kshs. 20 million • Sharia compliant loans - The Fund, working with the relevant stakeholders, has made its loans sharia compliant in order to encourage Muslim youth to borrow • I’ve got ten minutes…do you? - Mentorship programme targeting young people from 13 – 35 years • iTempo - Through this initiative we hope to identify, train and empower 2.7 million youth within a period of 3 years, by training trainers in every county who will cascade to constituency level. The training will focus on self-belief, selfmotivation, entrepreneurship and leadership • One Mic Spoken Word Contest - Competition targeting youth in the music, theater and film industry Food On Location: Part 1 Food On Location: Part 2 Local Perspectives. African Insights.


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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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