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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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In the last decade or so, the sleeping giant has awoken! There is a new wind sweeping the African Continent, and the world of photography is not being left behind. Our African brothers and sisters are taking the reigns over what they consider to be their voice, their face, their lives. African photographers are now behind the lens and telling their own story! This magazine seeks to capture this new voice and share it with the world! Welcome to the inaugural issue of the African Photo Magazine!


THE BRIEF The advertising industry in this part of the world is very constrained as most clients hold the belief that the audience leans more towards the traditional and conservative. We therefore wanted to attempt a shoot that pushes the margins of the envelope just a little more, showing creativity can be achieved out of the very ordinary. TEDDY MITCHENER Is a self-taught photographer having picked up his first camera as far back as 1991 as a young man growing up in the USA. His father, Willie Brown, was an amateur photographer and ignited the spark that burst forth into flame a scant 5 years ago. Now a fully fledged professional photographer, Teddy earns his living in Kenya primarily as a commercial photographer in the advertising industry (shooting for brands such as GE, Safaricom, Airtel, Toyota, Total, CO-OP Bank, etc), and as an Industrial photographer on some of the largest projects in the region, such as Two Rivers Development, Kengen’s Olkaria, and Actis’ Garden City. With a recently built-up studio space, Teddy is also expanding into the portraiture genre, as well as developing a keen interest in destination wedding assignments. | AFRICANPHOTOMAGAZINE 14

THE BRIEF: In this picture titled “About Last Night,” Humzer envisioned a loving couple having a romantic dinner, leading to the creation of life nine months later. HUMZER TAISON With a passion for visual storytelling, Humzer wants his images to tell a story. He aspires to create photography that transcends the barriers of language to communicate what words cannot fully express. He appreciates simplicity, interesting compositions, and the range of emotions that pictures evoke. On 11 Oct 2013, he held his first camera and has not looked back since. He desires to take pictures everyday and to learn from those captured moments that last forever. | Local Perspectives. African Insights.


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African Photo Magazine, 1st Issue!

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